4 Tips for Planning the Best Family RV Road Trip

This year has been challenging for international travel, and people have switched to exploring national frontiers, getting in their cars, campervans, and RVs and going on road trips. RVing is one of the easiest and safest ways to travel these days, allowing you to be social-distancing while still getting outside, enjoying the freedom and the peace of mind to explore the outdoors while keeping safe in your own space. This is probably the best time to RV across America.

Planning an RV vacation might be a completely new experience for you. Planning for a trip for a family with children could be overwhelming, but with the right tips and tools, it can turn into a unique lifetime experience for your children and an unforgettable journey of family bonding.

In this article, we picked some top tips to make your RVing experience smooth and enjoyable for all.

#1 Pick the Right RV for your needs

Whether you’ve decided to rent an RV or purchase an RV for your RVing adventure, you’ll want to consider the type of RV that best meets your needs. RVs come in many shapes and sizes, and the RV you choose will directly impact the cost of your vacation, as well as the types of campsites you can visit on your travels. 

To learn more about RV types, we picked a comprehensive explanation for you here.


#2 places to camp 

A basic campground usually offers flat parking spots with a picnic table, fire pit, and shared bathroom for $10–30/ night. For a little higher budget of $35–80/night in an RV park area you are likely to get power, water, sewer, and shared other amenities. 

There are also plenty of free campsites spread out around the USA in public lands like national forests, national conservation areas, etc., that you can enjoy! But these sites don’t offer as much of the amenities and facilities as the paid ones.

For ideas on where to camp, using apps like iOverlander or FreeCampsites.net, will enable you to find great camping spots quickly and mostly free of charge.

Traditional campgrounds are great for meeting other campers, enjoy a few extra services, or stay in the heart of a national park. ReserveAmerica.com is the main campground portal for the public (national and state parks) and private campgrounds. HipCamp.com also has extensive offerings and is our favorite for unique sites on private land. 
Here is a list of perfect destinations for you and your kids to explore

Family RV Camping

#3 take pampering breaks

Taking long RV road trips requires constantly taking care of setting up the camp, cooking for yourself and basically DIY everything. Not to mention, you are sharing the same small-space for most hours of the day, so occasional pampering and fresh take on the outdoors will give you the energy to energize and keep on movin’.

Creative outdoor accommodations, such as a beautiful treehouse, a dome, a yurt, or a safari tent with a hot shower and a plush bed will definitely do the work! 

#4 pack essential road trip accessories

For a successful family road trip, there are a few items that you must have with you to ensure a comfy and relaxing trip: 

  • Hygiene & First Aid Kit: that’s basic, we know. But not having what you need for an injury can, at the very least, ruin an entire day of your trip. Pack on bandaids, hand sanitizer, tissues, napkins, wet wipes and you’re good!
  • UV Window Shades
  • Tech gears and gadgets: take your road trip entertainment as seriously as things to pack for a road trip! It can be an all-out sanity saver, especially for families with kids. From your smartphone camera to iSpy and the License Plate games, make sure there’s a variety of tech equipment that’ll keep the children busy & happy
  • SWAGGER’S genuine silk Sleep Eye Mask and neck pillow set are your best “sleeping pills” in the journey SWAGGER cream beige silk sleep eye mask
  • For campground, rest stop, and even hotel bathrooms, a hanging toiletry tote bag can help keep your items organized and away from less than sparkling sinks and toilets. Bring a Toiletry bag that’s large enough to keep all your toiletries and cosmetics in place - lotions, creams, makeup, sunscreen lotion, Toothbrush, Toothpaste etc. SWAGGER’s marble pattern Toiletry Bags comes with a hook that allows you to hang your toiletry bag anywhere in the RV for easier personal care.
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  • Extra Layer of Clothing, such as SWAGGER’s Warm Shawl Wrap or a fleece blanket are perfect for sitting near a bonfire, for temperature changes, and when someone blasts the AC in the RV.
  • Clothing storage: while RVs have closets, it is always more convenient when you save space and keep everything neat and tidy. Use SWAGGER’s marble pattern Packing Cubes to organize your closets, making sure nothing gets lost and you have plenty of space for everyone’s wardrobe.SWAGGER black marble pattern packing cubes
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  • Last but not least - Quality Camping Chairs: Camping chairs are very important when traveling by RV. Bring sturdy camp chairs that provide good back support, and have side tables with a cup holder, which is really convenient for your morning coffee or evening beers. 


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