7 Amazing Women-Only Hotels & Retreats Every Gen-X Woman Should Know!

While preparing and collecting the information for this week's blog post, we had no idea that there are such amazing and pampering hotels for women out there. We are so excited and surprised to have found such places, we're happy to share them with you, and we made it a goal to visit these places when it is safe to travel again. 

We really recommend saving this one for one of those "I need me time" moments!

Now, let's be frank, we love our time alone. We are dedicated mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and we love our families, but we hardly have quality time for ourselves. 

We enjoy family trips and going on vacations with our families. But going on a women-only holiday is a completely different story. A completely different kind of experience. 

A woman-only holiday may seem like a great get-away excuse from your family duties, but it is so much more than that! When you join a woman-only hotel or retreat, you get to connect with like-minded women, enjoy activities designed according to female needs - it starts with female-based nutrition served at the venue, physical activities and even entertainment with female-related content.

Taking a women-only vacation gives you time to enjoy feminine solidarity, sisterhood. It gives you time to really think, explore yourself, with clear mind and better perspective on life. Spending time being surrounded with women, allows you to discover other women's perspective and learn something new about yourself. It's an invitation to see yourself, as you truly are. Not the wife, or mother, or daughter you are, but just you. 

Feeling curious enough? Here we go: 


INDONESIA: Bliss Sanctuary for Women 

Looking for some time-off from your never-ending family responsibilities? Traveling solo? The Bliss Sanctuary in Bali is designed for women travelling on their own without being alone.

A villa, located in a  tropical rainforest heaven, this beautiful sanctuary offers Indonesian style diet for women, unlimited yoga classes, daily massage and meditation areas, Bliss Sanctuary is a destination of friendship and healing. 

Location: Badung Bali, Indonesia 80361
Contact Number: +62 878-8755-5500
Facebook: Bliss Sanctuary for Women
Website: https://www.blisssanctuaryforwomen.com/
Email Address: bookings@blissinternational.com


FINLAND: Supershe

Supershe Island Finland

Imagine A world with only women. Sounds crazy, right? Well, try again! Supershe is not just a women-only hotel. It's a women-only Island!  Or - how they like to call it: "A world just for Shes".

Tucked away in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland, Supershe Island offers a happy and healthy journey, with loads of female-related activities: from cooking classes, exercise classes, farm-to-table dining, to nature activities, meditation, group bonding time, and more – without the distraction of the outside world.

Location: Fjardskar, Raasepori, Finland
Facebook: Supershe
Website: https://supershe.com/island/
Email Address: you@supershe.com


AUSTRIA: La Pura Women's Health Resort 

Women practicing yoga outdoorsHotel Room

La Pura Women's Health Resort offers 100% female experience with so much attention to details, or how they describe it: A place where women can feel understood and taken care of, and find a refuge from every-day life.

We fell in love with La Pura's wellness program, fitness and healthcare activities, medical treatments, astonishing landscape of Gars am Kamp (amid the pure nature of the Austrian Waldviertel region) but above all - it's holistic approach to women's wellbeing, making every woman feel special. 

Location: Hauptplatz 58 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Contact Number: +43 2985 26660
Facebook: La Pura
Website: www.lapura.at/en/ 
Email Address: willkommen@lapura.at


SAUDI ARABIA: Luthan Hotel & Spa 


A 5-star hotel in the Al-Uroba district of Riyadh is designed exclusively for women, Luthan is the first of its kind in the Middle East- a luxurious facility committed to wellness.

Location: Riyadh 11545, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Number: (966) 1 4807799
Facebook: Luthan Hotel and Spa
Website: http://www.luthanhotel-spa.com/
Email Address: e-commerce@luthanhotel-spa.com


SWITZERLAND: Josephine's Guesthouse

A bedroom setting

This "Ladies First" hotel at the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, offers a homey atmosphere, a roof terrace and open plan kitchen for all women residents to enjoy and connect during their stay.  

Location: Lutherstrasse 20, CH-8004 Zürich, Switzerland
Contact Number: +41 44 241 13 94
Facebook: Josephine's Guesthouse
Website: https://en.josephines.ch/
Email Address: info@josephines.ch  


JAPAN: Nine Hours Woman Kanda

nine house capsule hotel for women japan 

Rather than being a luxurious hotel, Nine House Women hotel is a unique solution for female traveler who wish to find a safe place in Tokyo, with reasonable pricing, and a perfect experience sleeping capsule style!

You could stay for the night, pay for just a few hour's nap or even just take a shower. All women amenities are provided by the hotel's staff, making this place a sweet women-only haven.  

Location: 2 Chome-9-4 Kajicho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0044, Japan
Contact Number: 03-5297-7188 
Facebook: 9h nine hours
Website: https://ninehours.co.jp/?lang=en
Email Address: info@ninehours.co.jp


MEXICO: SwellWomen Punta de Mita
Punta de Mita Mexico

The SwellWomen retreat is actually 1 of 8 amazing retreat destinations by SwellWomen travel company, offering retreats designed for women who seek the thrill of adventure, surf and yoga, in exotic, secure and welcoming environments.

Location: Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
Facebook: SwellWomen
Website: https://www.swellwomen.com/ 
Email Address: aloha@swellwomen.com 


Like the idea of women-only hotels?
Ever stayed in a women-only hotel or retreat? We would love to hear your experience!

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Photo credits: blisssanctuaryforwomen.com; swellwomen.com; ninehours.co.jp; josephones.ch; luthanhotel-spa.com; lapura.at; supershe.com; blisssnctuaryforwomen.com

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