9 Female Inspired Travel Books to Ignite Your Wanderlust

If you're planning a trip, or just looking for inspiration, if you're on the road or stuck in a long overlay – reading a book is a wonderful choice, nonetheless, adventure and travel books – those that would really fuel your urge to go out and explore the world.
Add these titles to your reading list, and you're set for a wonderful journey! 


From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

This is the memoir of a woman who’s life had been destroyed. She then takes a reckless journey across the Pacific Crest Trail. Against the odds, and with no experience, she does it alone. 

"Wild" is a number one bestseller and was also chosen for Oprah’s Book Club. Readers love the raw, visceral writing and honesty on what it means to go solo. 


A Love Affair with 5 Continents

Spanning 15 years of travel, beginning when she is a sophomore in college, "Wanderlust" documents Elisabeth Eaves's insatiable hunger for the rush of the unfamiliar and the experience of encountering new people and cultures. Young and independent, she crisscrosses five continents and chases the exotic, both in culture and in romance. In the jungles of Papua New Guinea, she loses herself—literally—to an Australian tour guide; in Cairo, she reconnects with her high school sweetheart, only to discover the beginning of a pattern that will characterize her life over the long-term: while long-distance relationships work well for her, traditional relationships do not.

"Wanderlust", however, is more than a chronological conquest of men and countries: at its core, it's a journey of self-discovery. In the course of her travels, Eaves finds herself and the sense of home she's been lacking since childhood—and she sheds light on a growing culture of young women who have the freedom and inclination to define their own, increasingly global, lifestyles, unfettered by traditional roles and conventions of past generations of women.


Daydreaming and Smoking Around America With Interruptions

After spending three weeks crossing the Atlantic on a cargo ship (“at night, the rabble of stars demanded to be watched”), Jenny Diski travels around the perimeter of the USA by rail. The joy of the book lies as much in her portrayal of characters she encounters en-route as the immersive detail of the country she’s passing through. Or, as she writes, “it is much more as if America is passing through you, what you are, what you’ve known”. Part-memoir, and written around 20 years ago, "Stranger on a Train" captures an America that still feels familiar – albeit with cigarettes in place of smartphones.


Monisha Rajesh has form when it comes to rail travel. This globe-straddling journey is the follow-up to 2010’s well received Around India In 80 Trains, and sees her undertake a 45,000-mile (72,000km) journey through Europe, Asia and North America.

Her gift for detail means characters, as well as places, are brought to life. And from a high-altitude ride into Tibet to a trans-Canadian epic – not to mention a homecoming trip on the Venice Simplon Orient Express – the book does a fine job of affirming the things, large and small, that make rail travel such an absorbing way of seeing the world. around the world in 80 trains


A Journey on The Silk Road 

A brilliant, fierce writer, and winner of the 2019 RBC Taylor Prize, makes her debut with this enthralling travelogue and memoir of her journey by bicycle along the Silk Road—an illuminating and thought-provoking fusion of The Places in Between, Lab Girl, and Wild that dares us to challenge the limits we place on ourselves and the natural world.

lands of lost borders


If you are looking for something to pick up and flick through, this is a GREAT travel book for inspiration!

Each country is listed by places of interest, plus it includes top picks such as events, restaurants, and hotels for your stay. 

A great choice for if you are going to someplace new and want some insider details, or to help you find less obvious hidden gems to explore in the future.1000 PLACES TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE


1,000 Adventures Big and Small 

Arranged from north of the earth, to the south,"The Bucket List" contains magical travel ideas to plan your next vacations.

As one of the best books on travel, it contains tons of ideas, from things you would never dream of doing, to things you never even knew you could. Top tips are interspersed with beautiful images in this coffee table book of wanderlust dreams. THE BUCKET LIST


One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

A number one bestseller, "Eat Pray Love" is a travelogue of soul-searching and self-discovery.

This intelligently witty recount of a year’s travels, from a woman who has fallen out of love with her husband and is looking to find herself, will make the perfect book of travels to slip into your carry-on for your next read on the airplane or on a beach!




Freedom on four wheels, the traveling trend of the moment! New hip travel guides for adventurous people who want to experience the world while traveling in a van Full of useful camping tips, routes and van-life addresses Traveling in a van is emerging as a popular way to see the world. This second title in the series "Drive Your Adventure" will help you make the most of touring Portugal in a camper van. This book answers some important questions and contains a wealth of information, including when to go, what to take, how to avoid wasting time looking for an ideal spot to spend the night, and where to find the most scenic landscapes.drive your adventure portugal

 We hope you found some inspiration for your next adventures! 

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