Christmas in the Best Cities in Central Europe

Unlike the vibrant west of the continent, in central Europe you can find peaceful cities, full of history and tradition. During the Christmas period, they become more special than ever and provide magical experiences, combining past and present, between classic and modern. 
And, as befits countries and cities with traditions, structures and history that lasts a long, long time, classical Europe turns Christmas into a celebration that connects the past and the present in a particularly sensitive, delicate and exciting way - an unforgettable experience. 
Now that Europe is open again for US travelers, here are some of the most popular destinations for Christmas and everything you want to do when you arrive at the most magical time of the year.


As befits a central city, Berlin also lacks special Christmas markets popping up ahead of the holiday. The most interesting of these is in the Brohan Museum, where artists and creators gather alongside wine stalls and cakes for a huge celebration. The famous Potsdamer Platz offers free ice skating and the "Winter Wonderland", including a ramp where you can slide on the snow, while across the road adults can enjoy galley, a warm and spicy wine typical of Germany during Christmas only. For dessert, Alexanderplatz houses the largest Christmas pyramid on the continent, with over 5,000 spectacular holiday lamps.

Berlin gate


The Czech capital is always beautiful, but at Christmas it gets another layer. You can start your visit in the old town square, with the Christmas carols of the local choirs and the huge market full of goodies and enjoy a typical Christmas treadmill, which we know as "Kiortosh". One of the most fun things in Prague is to "get lost", walk around the small streets and see another hidden path or a charming house and at Christmas, they are all decorated in every good way and will arrange for you countless Instagram photos. In the vicinity of the holiday and especially on the holiday itself, some of the best performances in the world are held in the city, such as the ball of the nutcracker that gets a central stage at the National Theater and if you book tickets well in advance, you can enjoy an amazing evening in the heart of the city. Finally, you can try the Sabark, the local version of the German Galway in honor of the holiday.
Prague city Czech republic


Last year an American film called "Christmas in Vienna" was released about a violinist who loses her inspiration for music, until she's in Freud's city, falls in love and finds her way anew. Probably you too and therefore, no matter what mood you get in, it will not be hard to fall in love right away. Vienna may be snowy at this time of year, making every step of it even more enchanting and to warm the heart, grab a glass of typical Christmas punch and ask for Stollen - a kind of bread / fruitcake made only at this time of year. The main streets are all decorated with holiday lights of course, with an emphasis on the colors of the Austrian flag - red and white and in all the great halls you can find great concerts, with an emphasis on classical music. Every evening in December, bands will be waiting for you at Berthausplatz to entertain you with Christmas music and the most fun thing about Vienna in recent years is the tendency to open for Christmas the best exhibits any museum has to offer that year.
Vienna city Austria


Not far from Vienna lies the capital of Hungary and to enjoy some quiet, beautiful scenery and especially spectacular sculptures, you should visit the slightly hidden "Philosophers' Garden" located west of the Danube River. The prominent market of the holiday is located as expected in the city center, in Rosemarty Square and you will discover street performances, a fir tree decorated with countless colorful lights and an amazing atmosphere. Between the food stalls, you should try to taste the familiar Hungarian goulash and from the square you can take to the colorful streets around it. Budapest boasts lots of warm baths, ideal for a cold Christmas day - Rhodes baths and Scenic baths are especially popular, probably at this time of year and finally, board one of the trains that cross the city and are wrapped in special lights for Christmas or take an evening cruise on the river. You will feel that you have reached another world.
Budapest city lights at night


Last but not least is the capital of Romania, a relatively close destination and very popular with Israelis throughout the year. At Christmas it is painted in the holiday atmosphere and "skipping bars" in the city center is a special experience, which allows you to taste the various Christmas drinks and fill your heart with a festive atmosphere. The city offers peaceful and beautiful light tours. If you are hungry, go into the bakery and ask for "gogosi", a donut that is prepared for Christmas or a bitter vegetable soup (which can make returns of meatballs, for whom it is relevant) and is called Ciorba de perisoare. The shopping can be done at the Christmas market in the University Square and if you arrived a little early, then on December 16th a large and special Christmas concert called "Regal Vienez" is held regularly at the National Theater.
Bucharest Christmas market

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