Hoping for a Better Future to Come Soon

The Japanese National Tourism Bureau launched a new global campaign - Hoping for a Better Future to Come Soon.

JNTO (Japanese National Tourism Bureau) is launching a new campaign aimed at illustrating Japan's diversity and encouraging tourism there - when possible.
The campaign kicks off with a video titled based on an ancient Japanese proverb - 'Behind the clouds always the light is waiting'. Hoping for a good future to come soon.

The video starts with diverse sites and experiences from all over Japan, and it highlights the importance of hope in difficult times.

This video is just part of the campaign, which also includes content about 'traveling without leaving home' that appears on the website. It is designed to encourage future travelers to take advantage of the time to search for sites and plan their next trip to Japan.

Regarding the impact of the corona on future trips, the campaign highlights rural sites and those that are not on the regular tourist map.
The message coming from JNTO is:

“Do not lose inspiration even in these difficult times. Keep dreaming about places and experiences you will still have. Keep believing there will come times when we can all go on trips again. Remember that Japan is always waiting for you! ”

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