20 Tips for Practicing Gratitude in Challenging Times

2020 is nearly over. Yes, this year has been especially challenging in keeping positive and practice gratitude. The thing is, because of this reason, it is also more important this year in particular to keep practicing gratitude, despite the mental challenge.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. Practicing gratitude regularly helps you feel better about your life as a whole and would make you optimistic. Those who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things in their lives that they are thankful for, experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, express more compassion and kindness and even sleep better.

If you would like to experience some of these great benefits, why not try some of these simple ways to make gratitude a part of everyday.

Here are 40 simple ways to make gratitude a part of everyday.

  1. Keep a gratitude diary and list 3 things you should be grateful for, everyday.
  2. Tell someone you love them and how much you appreciate them
  3. Travel! Go out there and notice the beauty in nature each day
  4. Smile. Even for no reason. When you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides to help fight off stress, act as a mild pain reliever and as an antidepressant
  5. Watch inspiring positive videos about the good in the world.
  6. Include an act of kindness in your life each day
  7. Avoid negative media and movies with toxic content
  8. Call your mom or dad more often
  9. Volunteer for organizations that help others
  10. Avoid gossiping or speaking badly about others
  11. Remember to compliment your friends and family, even on small things
  12. Send a small gift or a nice card to give thanks to a dear friend
  13. Meditate with your gratitude list, giving thanks for all your good fortune.
  14. Live mindfully, try no to worry about the past or the future. Know that you will manage with whatever comes
  15. Embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities to grow
  16. See the growth opportunity in your mistakes
  17. Help your friends see the positive side to life
  18. When times are bad, focus on your friends who are at your side.
  19. Focus on your strengths and be thankful for your mental strengths
  20. Be social about gratitude practice: Share the benefits of gratitude with your close circle of family and friends

 Found these tips helpful? Have any other tips to share?

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