The Art of Staycation: How to Pull off an Amazing Staycation When You Can't Leave the House

When it comes to taking a vacation these days, your options may be somewhat limited, and executing a thrill-filled family vacation may seem difficult. 

Although many countries are re-opening, slowly and carefully, not all of us can afford to travel right now. Be it health issues or social-distancing concerns, or maybe just tight budgets or even the logistics hassle of going away with the kids. 

A staycation may be easier to plan, more affordable and no less indulging during this unprecedentedly grim time. 

No hopping on a plane, no long car rides, a staycation where you stay home or in town and arranging yourself a pampering schedule for 1-2 days. A proper staycation is about dedicating time for yourself to JUST BE. It doesn't take too much of an effort but be sure it would make a great deal of impact on your mood.


Did you know? Your brain is most flexible before going to sleep and when you first wake up in the morning. Enjoy the first moments of waking up for a mind "workout" that will affect the rest of your day.

Start your staycation day with a mindfulness meditation to clear your mind from any negative thoughts, and bring your awareness back to the present. This practice will truly help lower your levels of stress or anxiety. It really doesn't matter how long you spend practicing, what's more important is how committed you are in the moment.

To set up the space and atmosphere for you to practice mindfulness: 

  • Use a quiet room where you can dedicate the time you scheduled for your meditation without being interrupted
  • Make sure room temperature is comfortable
  • Prepare a glass of water within reach
  • For complete blackout, use an eye mask. Make sure it is not too tight no your head
    Pink silk sleep eye mask

And, if you're new to mindfulness, simply download free mindfulness apps


Treating yourself to a breakfast of champions is a wonderful way to start your Staycation day.
Be creative, choose foods that make you feel good, combine with your favorite coffee or fizz champagne. You can also look for
inspiration online.

If you really don't feel like making any effort during your staycation, order in!

You can also organize a fancy gourmet breakfast basket delivered to your home, all you need to do is arrange everything in a nice setting, put on relaxing music of your choice and… go back to bed!Tip: if you have a friend in quarantine, or simply someone dear who's having a difficult time and needs some cheering up, you can send them a basket with goodies – no matter what's in it, they'll surely appreciate the attention and gesture!


A staycation could be a weekend in a local spa resort or just a few hours in a spa boutique, and one of the best ways to unwind is immersing oneself in some supremely decadent spa retreat. Enjoy luxuries, hot pools, a relaxing massage and beauty treatments that will leave you rested and energized!


Take care of your body at the comfort of your home, in a way that feels like a luxurious break. Time to fetch all your cosmetics and toiletry bags, take out your favorite face & body care products and start your self-care ritual.
    • Start with a long relaxing bubble bath – setup the right atmosphere with candles, aromatherapy scents and some nice music or podcast to play in the background.
    • Check for an online DIY tutorials and tips and give yourself a mani-pedi at home
    • Give Yourself a DIY Facial

    #5 "GO" SHOPPING

      What's a vacation without shopping? When at home for Staycation, go on-line shopping instead!  

      Get ready for end-of-the-year deals:

      • Plan your budget
      • Make a shortlist of things you need/want to buy
      • Start your research, save your wish-list and load your cart
      • Register as a member to all those online shops you want to buy from, they usually offer bigger promotions for members, so when the time is right – you're all set!

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      #6 VOLUNTEER

      Well, we know, volunteering is not exactly a staycation activity that comes to mind.
      But, as there are volunteering holidays where people travel abroad to volunteer in elephant reserves in Africa, or teaching children in villages in Myanmar, we thought this could also be an amazing and rewarding experience to initiate during your staycation.In our digital age, you don't need to leave the house to make an impact on other people's lives. 

      Volunteering gives so much to both sides. You feel rewarded and especially these days, when it is important to help others, and your feeling of fulfillment will actually increase.

      Generosity has a feel-good effect. It also helps decrease stress and anxiety, and can significantly impact on your level of happiness.

      Check here for some online volunteering ideas.


      We recommend you do so with inspirational empowering content!

      "In the Company of Women" is a book dedicated to empowering and inspiring women, featuring over 100 interviews and portraits of exceptional leaders across a diverse range of races, ages, backgrounds, and industries

      We promise you'll be inspired by the passion of the women in this book. 


      At the end of your staycation, think back and reminisce on all the nice experiences you've had. Be grateful even for the little things, after all, just being able to pull yourself this short-term escape, already makes you privileged. Practice gratitude, and life will bring you many occasions to be thankful. Trust that.

      Happy staycationing!

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