Thoughts about traveling

People say traveling in the new era will never be the same again

It's true, the circumstances have changed
But it doesn't mean we should avoid traveling
Or travel less than before
It also doesn't mean we should limit ourselves
To certain destinations, or means of transport
Or even the people we interact or travel with

It just means that we would need to adjust our habits
Prepare better, do more planning
Take more precautions
Explore destination's health situation
Learn more about the current restrictions
Opt-out overly crowded indoor activities
Examine hospitality and dining choices with high level sanitary conditions
And always have your hygiene essentials in hand

There are many ways in which we could take better care of ourselves
To make sure we are safe and healthy
While not compromising on our passion for travel

Traveling is going to change, but for the better!
People who are used to travel, will want to travel even more
People who don't travel often, probably figured out that you only live once
That time is a precious thing and we've been given a gift
The freedom to go anywhere, visit places and people, and experience,
Experience life to the full.

We definitely have something to look forward to.

 Stay safe & make travel plans!


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