October is here 🍂🍁

That often mean the days are flush with falling leaves, chilling weather, and growing anticipation for the holiday season.

We love this time of the year! The pleasant temperatures and colors of this autumn season makes for a great time to travel.

Tired of quarantine, homeschooling, zoom meetings or just missing the thrill of travel?

Planning a vacation or a short getaway might be the right thing for you to recharge yourself!

If you want to plan an October vacation, and looking for some inspiration and ideas, here's a list of destinations you definitely shouldn't miss:


 #1 The Ultimate Urban Choice - NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK

As summer temperatures dropping, fall is a perfect time to visit New York City. Some popular attractions may not be open for now, but the Big Apple has enough attractions and things to see or do.

First, pick a hotel located along Central Park to have a clear view of NYC's breathtaking skyline views amid colorful trees.

Shopping and dining venues are open across the city, and some of the world-famous museums too. Stroll through the streets of New York like a local, grab some coffee and stop by the iconic Central Park to enjoy the view of changing leaves.

#2 For Nature Lovers - FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA

Surrounded by national forests, monuments, and parks, Flagstaff is in its full fall foliage charm in early fall. For nature lovers, there’s plenty to see and explore at this time of year - Visit the Petrified Forest National Park to see petrified wood and the hills of the Painted Desert.
Take a day trip to The Grand Canyon National Park to enjoy a milder weather and fewer crowds compared to the summer months.

Or go glamping at nearby Under Canvas Grand Canyon, which is open until Oct. 26.


In October, the weather is usually pleasant across all three of the park’s environments: the Olympic Mountains, the temperate Hoh Rain Forest, and the rugged Pacific coastline making it ideal for hiking. The area is very lush, with spectacular sunsets at this time of year, huge colored maple leaves, eagles, otters, and bobcats feeding on spawning salmon. These are the sights and sounds your will witness in Olympic National in autumn when the forests come alive. 

#4 Make it Exotic - HAWAII

It might not be the ideal time for surfing, but Hawaii has so much more to offer during this time of the year:

Summer crowds gone, rainfall is low, and prices are convenient before the winter holidays

After you've explored the archipelago's Big Island, we recommend you to explore places like Kauai for secret swimming holes and charming local bars, Maui for its  30-miles long of beach, or try an agri-visit to Surfing Goat Dairy, a farm on the slopes of a volcanic crater.

#5 Where it's Hot - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

Nevada is still sizzling in October. Expect lots of sunshine during daytime, and when the sun sets, the desert city gets cool very quickly.

Visiting Las Vegas in October is also  for those looking for a quiet, tranquil getaway:

In many other U.S. states, October marks the end of the pool party season, but Vegas pools typically remain open until the end of the month.

October is also the start of hockey season. Sports fans can catch the Las Vegas Golden Knights at the T-Mobile Arena.

And if you're visiting during Halloween, know that Las Vegas holds the biggest party nights of the year!

Because temperatures tend vary so widely in Las Vegas this month, it's best to bring layers: light cotton shirts, dresses, and light scarves or shawls to cover up. 

For more holiday ideas, please visit our travel blog: https://studioswagger.com/blogs/swagger-blog

Happy October & Safe Travels


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