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If you’re here, you probably love traveling but feel frustrated with the offerings on the market.
We get you. We’ve been there.


We’ve been doing it for years as businesswomen and moms, on road trips and overseas flights, domestically and internationally.

Smiling girl wearing sunglasses carrying a white marble travel cosmetics toiletry organizer case on top of a suitcase

We're busy

Getting ready for a trip is hectic, crazy and full of excitement. Our to-do lists are never-ending and no matter how many times we’ve done it before, the day before a trip is always a race.

Over the years, we’ve learned what to pack, how to pack smart and what products and gadgets were critical to our travel experience. It took years of research and experience to find these products and we noticed something disturbing:
most of the products were geared towards men.



What about our jewelry, lingeries, shoe obsession and makeup storage?
What if we’re traveling during that time of the month and need a discreet solution during the trip? What about our safety?


To create a luxury travel brand made specifically for us. Specifically for women.

A product line with everything we need to have an enjoyable, stylish and comfortable trip. So that you won’t have to go through everything we did to find the ultimate travel essentials.


SWAGGER is a brand made for women who love to travel in style and ultimate comfort

our goal is simple

To provide top-of-the-line travel essentials to support and make travel easier and better for today’s busy women.

To empower women to get out there, beyond their comfort zone, with ease and style.
To offer products that are top-quality, and designed with you in mind


We believe in the power of travel, self-exploration and self-care.

We believe that there is no better outlet for hard-working Gen X women to rejuvenate, relax, and practice self-love than travelling.

Our brand is inspired by and will inspire adventurous and independent women who embrace the beauty of traveling and dedicate a moment for themselves.


We are Shirley and Sandy and we met (not-surprisingly) while traveling the world. We’re explorers at heart and consider ourselves citizens of the world. We are fascinated by cultures and people, landscapes and experiences.
When we met, we felt an instant connection due to our passion for travel. We’ve traveled to over 50 countries together. We’ve learned from each other and decided that we had to help other women with the tricks and tips we’ve learned for effective, and enjoyable, travel.
Sandy and Shirley  founders of swagger having lunch and smiling


We are passionate about women empowerment through travel.
This passion motivates us to play an active role in the effort to encourage women to grow, be independent and indulge in self-care.

We are committed to donating time, services and part of our profits to female-supportive organizations throughout the world.

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