Pink Shell Comfort Duo


Main Features:

  • Pure Silk Travel set includes a Sleep Mask and a Neck Pillow
  • Sleep Mask made of 100% pure mulberry silk on both sides and has a gentle adjustable elastic strap that won't tangle in your hair
  • Neck pillow is made of pure mulberry silk removable cover and memory foam
  • Perfect travel kit for taking in your carry-on for any means of travel: air train, car, or even when lodging at the airport for long hours
  • Lightweight and can easily be stored in your carry-on luggage

Immerse yourself in this luxurious feeling of soft pure silk. The perfect combination of sleep mask and travel pillow providing black-out conditions and perfect neck support. With the feeling of smooth relaxation and comfort you are bound to fall asleep soon…Sweet dreams!

Silk Sleep Mask:

Exterior: 100% pure mulberry silk
Interior: top quality silk fibers
Hand wash only

Silk Neck Pillow:

Cover: 90% mulberry silk, 10% spandex
Interior: memory foam
Cover: hand wash only

Silk Sleep Mask:

Width: 8"; Length:4"

Silk Neck Pillow:

Size: 11" x 12" x 4"
Weight: 1.1lb

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